Henry Naha

Henry Naha was born in 1964 in Moenkopi (Third Mesa) and began carving in the 1980s. He is a well known carver who specializes in detailed carvings. He is of the Spider and Lizard clans, and signs his dolls with his clan hallmark followed by "H. Naha." His Navajo last name is Attakai, but he takes the name of Naha as a result of his Hopi adoption and cultural heritage.

He was taught by one of the masters--Cecil Calnimptewa, who is his Hopi godfather and was the husband of Avonne Naha Attakai, also a talented carver.

He has been an active carver for over 30 years and learned from others such as Denis Tewa and Joseph Dallas. He has established himself as a top-tier Katsina carver with consistent quality carvings.

His figures always have an excellent stance and pose...which suggest great strength and pride. The body proportions are right on, and the figure has well-defined musculature. The hands are extremely well carved with detailed fingers and fingernails. Henry's favorite carvings are the Velvet Shirt and the Red Tail Hawk.

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13 Items