D'Armon Kootswatewa

D'Armon Kootswatewa (1966- ) from Moenkopi, AZ. married to Louise Kootswatewa and has two children. When D'Armon was a young Katsina Clan member he worked on Cecil Calnimptewa Sr's ranch. One day Cecil gave him some cottonwood root and offered him pointers on how to carve. D'Armon admits that carving isn't easy. "you have to have lots of patience, and you have to use your imagination. You pick the Kachina to fit the wood, not vice-versa." For more than 3 years Cecil continued to teach D'Armon and in 1993 it paid off. D'Armon was awarded Best Traditional Kachina, Best in Class and 1st Place at the Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. D'Armon continues to be an award-winning carver.

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