Native American Medicine Bags, Pouches & Handbags

At Kachina House we carry a vast selection of Native American medicine bags, pouches and handbags, handmade by artists from various tribes. Crafted and accented with natural materials, we offer unique objects of art and craft.

Don’t miss our outstanding Zuni Fetish collection so you can include a fetish in the bag of your choice. We also have sage and sweetgrass for cleansing your items before they are placed in your pouch.

Indigenous people have long carried small talismans for protection and enhanced skill. Zuni Fetishes are these types of protective spirits. These carved animals embody powerful spirits of the actual animal they represent. These powers are then transferred to the person who carries and cares for the fetish. In order to properly care for a fetish, it must be fed blue and yellow corn meal, wrapped in a protective pouch and acknowledged daily. We also have just the pouch for that special fetish. Medicine bags are another useful item carried by Native people. Not only a medicine man would carry a bag of special herbs or powerful items around his neck or tied to his waist; many Native Americans carry some type of medicine bag or pouch. These bags hold sacred tobacco, herbs, sage for smudging, personal power stones and crystals, and fetishes. We have bags and pouches of all sizes to meet your needs.

Kachina House is the largest distributor of Native American arts and crafts in Arizona. At our showroom/warehouse in Sedona, AZ, you will find more products on display than we can post on our website. Our products are high-quality and handcrafted; we pride ourselves on offering unique products and the best customer service. If you have questions, we urge you to call us toll free at 800-304-3290 or drop us an email. We always like to hear from our customers.

16 Items

16 Items